February 11, 2016:  ​​The Nashua Republican City Committee unanimously approved a resolution to oppose the reauthorization of Medicaid Expansion.  The resolution was sent to Senate President Chuck Morse, and Speaker of the House Shawn Jasper.

Resolution: 16-01

TITLE: Urging the NH General Court to oppose reauthorization of Medicaid Expansion
AUTHOR: The members of the Nashua Republican City Committee
REFERRED TO: Republican members of the New Hampshire General Court.

WHEREAS, the New Hampshire General Court is considering legislation to extend the expansion of Medicaid beyond the two-year trial period it approved in 2014; and

WHEREAS, the New Hampshire Republican Party Platform explicitly opposes the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and the expansion of Medicaid in any form; and

WHEREAS, the expansion of Medicaid is an element of the PPACA and is an initiative of the Democratic Party and supported by business interests who will benefit from expanded Medicaid; and

WHEREAS, Medicaid expansion would raise the burden on working New Hampshire citizens who are already overburdened by increased taxation, which is brought on by a never ending increase in federal and state spending; and

WHEREAS, Medicaid expansion will eventually place enormous pressure on our New Hampshire state budget; and

WHEREAS, experiences from states that have already expanded Medicaid, such as Maine and Arizona, demonstrate that projected per-person costs and participation rates for the Medicaid expansion population have been dramatically underestimated, forcing policymakers to make up for these unexpected cost increases by capping Medicaid enrollment, eliminating Medicaid services, or reducing Medicaid provider rates; and

WHEREAS, New Hampshire taxpayers are also federal taxpayers, and New Hampshire’s complicity in expanding federal programs because they are funded with “federal dollars” harms New Hampshire taxpayers just as surely as tax increases at the state level would, and it continues the cycle of federal deficit spending that is bankrupting our country; and

WHEREAS, despite federal funding promises to cover at least ninety percent (90%) of Medicaid expansion costs in future years, similar promises for other federal programs such as No Child Left Behind have proven false; and

WHEREAS, The Nashua Republican City Committee finds that accepting some expanded Medicaid funding now under any guise will inevitably oblige the state to continue the program indefinitely;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Nashua Republican City Committee rejects Medicaid expansion in order to protect patients and taxpayers and instead supports market-oriented reforms to increase access to affordable, high quality private health care; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the Nashua Republican City Committee strongly urges the New Hampshire Senate, House and Governor to reject the illusory promise of federal funds in favor of reforms that will truly benefit the citizens of New Hampshire.

Approved unanimously by Membership in Attendance on 11 February 2016