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Press Release

Resolution to Request the City of Nashua Board of Aldermen and Mayor Donchess Adhere to Sustainable City Budget Cost Increases

For Immediate Release
Contact: Andrew Cernota
Chairman, Nashua Republican City Committee

Nashua (April 16, 2018) – The Nashua Republican City Committee (NRCC) members voted at the April 12, 2018 committee meeting to publically urge that the City of Nashua Board of Aldermen and Nashua Mayor Donchess honor the democratically expressed will of the citizens of Nashua and continue to operate under the constraints of the Nashua spending cap.

The formal Resolution elucidates that sustainable government cannot exceed the ability of its citizens to pay.  Further, this desire to limit the City Government growth rate was clearly expressed by the citizens of Nashua when they passed a spending cap through the referendum process; and, that the voters of Nashua did not ask that this spending cap be rescinded.

This Resolution is unconnected to the lawsuit by two former Nashua Alderman-at-Large against the City of Nashua for spending cap violations.

Press Release

Nashua GOP Elects New Officers

For Immediate Release
Contact: Di Lothrop
Nashua Republican City Committee 

Nashua (December 15, 2018) - The Nashua Republican City Committee met Thursday evening, December 13, 2018 for its annual Christmas party and to elect committee officers and state committee members from Nashua for the next two years.  Attendance at the meeting exceeded expectations.  Members and Republicans from Nashua gathered to celebrate the holidays, listen to presentations by prospective officers, and commit themselves to a renewed dedication to bringing the Republican message of prosperity, liberty and respect for our city, state, and ,country and its laws forward in Nashua’s upcoming elections.

Also at the meeting, the Committee elected its officers for the upcoming year. Long-time Nashua resident and local business leader Jack Tulley was elected Chairman of the Committee and he will work for the next two years with former House Majority Leader Peter Silva as the new Vice-Chairman of the committee.  Rounding out the new officers is Rosemary Russell as Secretary and Dan Moriarty as Treasurer.

In response to his election, Jack Tulley said, “I am grateful to be selected to continue the work of the Nashua Republican City Committee in providing a voice for all Republicans in Nashua and supporting our local, state and federal candidates for elected office.  Now, more than ever, we need to return to the traditional American values of liberty, fiscal responsibility, and strong families.  Nashua, as New Hampshire’s second largest city and the gateway into our state has a crucial role to play to achieving that goal.”